Bonus Value Pack Plus

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New Great Value –“Extra Bonus Value Pack” 

The Bonus Value Pack Plus is designed for Caravanners, Campers and others who want a bulk multipurpose pack that covers the use of the Ezy Anchors in the hard red and gravelly dirt of the Outback and also sandy loam soils such as Coastal Caravan parks.

Comprises 3 x Starter Pack and a Bonus Canvas Tent Peg Bag and Stubby Cooler

Package Includes:

  • 24 x Ezy Anchors
  • 12 x 200mm Long Outback Screws
  • 12 x 280mm Long Coastal Screws
  • 2 x Torx T50 Driver
  • 1x Torx T50 L Key
  • 1 x Canvas Tent Peg Bag
  • 1x Stubby Cooler

These packs have been determined by months of personal use and testing in both types of the areas detailed above and also research throughout Central and Outback Australia.

We thank you for your purchase and wish you many years of happy use of your Ezy Anchors!

**Ezy Anchor supports Australian Business and Jobs**

*We cannot accept responsibility for damage and injuries caused by misuse.


  1. Take your cordless drill or impact driver
  2. Connect the Torx driver bit to the drill/driver and secure in the chuck
  3. Pick up your Ezy Anchor with screw in position through the Ezy Anchor
  4. Connect your guy rope to the hook
  5. Hold the guy rope and hook together with your guiding hand
  6. Pick up the drill and driver in your driving hand
  7. Insert the Torx driver into the head of the screw
  8. Place drill in forward drilling position
  9. Commence drilling the screw downward into the earth keeping the EzyAnchor parallel to the earth so the screw penetrates at its set angle.
  10. Installation complete

Should you strike a solid object whilst installing the screw, remove and reposition the screw to another position close to or adjacent to the original required position.


  1. With your drill in hand and Torx driver bit connected and secured within your drill chuck connect the Torx bit driver to the screw head.
  2. Hold the hook and guy rope in one hand, place drill in reverse and screw out.
  3. Removal complete

*In the event of a flat battery you can connect a shifting spanner to the driver bit shaft and unscrew manually to a point where you can remove the screw from the ground.
**Remember to regularly charge your drill or impact driver battery.

Customer Reviews

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Better than I could have imagined........

I’d been keen on ezy anchors fora while now, but now that I have them I don’t know why I waited so long. These are simply brilliant - if you weighing these up, just get them now. You won’t regret it!!!

Great product

Easy transaction and a brilliant product

Great Product

EZY Anchor makes setting up camp a breeze

Top product

These screw pegs are fantastic I have used then in hard and soft ground and they screw in with ease and hold on like superglue

Excellent anchors

These are the best !!