Stainless Steel Clothesline - Made to Order

Stainless steel 5mm cable with termination thimble and swage one end to a Velcro Strap with “D" for wrapping around your caravan awning arm tightly and then continuing to the other end with a Stainless steel turnbuckle and terminal swage to attach with hook to another Velcro Strap with “D” wrapped tightly around your opposite awning arm. Tension the line by turning the turnbuckle. Do not over stress the tautness.

Maintenance: Occasionally wipe the Velcro “D”s with Inox or CRC to prevent surface corrosion. Do not wipe the clothesline itself to prevent marking clothes.

Accurate dimensions required for fabrication. Measure inside of awning arm to inside of awning arm accurately and advise dimension by email to

No liability will be accepted for mis measurements provided.