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Amaroo 2018 is an International Peace Event hosted by Ivory’s Rock Foundation that commenced on the 8th of September 2018. The event was expected to attract some 3,500 people from 65 countries across the globe that would require accommodation over the course of a week. Operations Manager Ted Stevens undertook the responsibility of set up and take down and all other logistical considerations that come along with hosting such an enormous event.

Ezy Anchor was contacted by Ted to discuss the product and organise for him to have the opportunity to test its suitability in the construction of 800 tents for the forthcoming event held at Peak’s Crossing in Queensland.

We supplied some samples to the site which were used for testing in the hard clay soil throughout the campgrounds to prove their capacity for the purpose.

Many and varied screws were also purchased from Bunnings to test in comparison to the Ezy Anchor screws supplied with the samples. After extensive testing on-site (including competitors products) a decision was made through the Board of Directors to go ahead and issue a Purchase order for 8,000 individual Ezy Anchors, 16,000 screws and 100 drivers as the Ezy Anchors were deemed the only product that proved successful for safe, secure and strong installation at site.

A separate order for 8 Makita impact drivers and drills was issued directly.

The local Fassifern Valley Rugby League Football Team were approached to supply the labour for construction, and in the first day erected 480 Coleman Instant Up 6 man tents using Ezy Anchors on the four main guy ropes at each corner and screws for pegs on the intermediate floor tabs. The batteries were changed at five hour intervals and there were 8 impact drivers in use on the day.

The following day, a wind gusting to 65kms per hour passed through the camp sites with Ted commenting that ‘although some tents suffered some damage from being flattened, the Ezy Anchors remained intact and firm in the ground.’

The following weekend the Oztrail Genesis 9 person tents were constructed by the team within one day.

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