Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Ezy Anchors work?

Ezy Anchors have been used all over Australia and Tasmania in some of the harshest and toughest ground without fail.

According to our customers they are rated at no less than 4.5 stars and upwards.



Where can I use them?

The Ezy Anchors have been tried tested and proven in firm sand within Coastal Caravan Parks, the Red Centre in hard desert ground, Lightning Ridge in very hard compacted ground, sandy loam soils, black soils, claypans and very hard gravelly ground of the Flinders Ranges, the Gibb River Road and right through and around Australia.

*They are not designed for soft or powdery beach sand*.



Why do your pegs require a Torx Driver Bit rather than a Hex Head socket spanner?

The Torx driver has two purposes in that it assists to prevent theft of your Ezy Anchors and when installing your Ezy Anchors the driver forms part of the shaft of the peg and ensures that the full torque of your drill or impact driver is transferred into the peg.



Will they rust or corrode?

The Ezy Anchor pegs are coated with a special European coating that provides a 3,000 day corrosion free life expectancy and are manufactured from top quality steel.



Will they release in bad or severe weather?

When installed correctly, the Ezy Anchors have been proven in many severe weather events by our customers Australia Wide with the most severe event being recorded at Denmark WA with wind strengths of 140klms an hour as reported by the Bureau of Meteorology.

The soil type at the Caravan Park at Denmark was firm black sand and not a peg moved or was pulled from the ground by the customers caravan awning that was being secured.


The customer advised had he not had Ezy Anchors that they would have suffered damage to their van in excess of $50,000 dollars.

Our customers have reported bad wind storms and whirley winds at Camooweal, Hervey Bay beachfront caravan parks QLD, The Victorian high country plains, the Great Ocean road and down the windy West Coast of Australia and they have also been very grateful to have had Ezy Anchors as they did not suffer any damage where others had major damage.



How strong is the plastic Ezy Anchor?

The orange Ezy Anchor is made from Recyclable Polypropylene and they have been run over by 4WD vehicles, RV Motorhomes and other vehicles without any damage whatsoever.



Are they UV stabilised and recyclable?

The raw material used for the Ezy Anchors is fully UV stabilised and fully Recyclable as are all of our materials and products.



If I accidentally kick or trip on one, will I suffer injury to my skin?

If you are walking around camp and accidentally kick or trip and fall on one you should not suffer injury as the Ezy Anchors are designed that when installed correctly, there are no exposed metal parts and all edges are fully rounded to prevent injury in the event of an accident.



How do I install my Ezy Anchors:

When installing the Ezy Anchors what do you recommend: Firstly we recommend that you watch our instructional video here on the website to ensure you get the best from your purchase.

Alternatively, simply attach your guy rope trace spring to the Ezy Anchor hook, hold your guy rope in place while also holding the Ezy Anchor hook so that the base of the hook is parallel to the ground. You’re your drill with the driver bit installed and insert your driver bit into the screw peg head. Place your drill or impact driver in forward mode and drill in at full speed without hesitation and you will note that your peg is being installed at the pre set angle for maximum resistance under load.



How do I remove my Ezy Anchors

We recommend that you hold your guy rope in one hand and with the other insert the driver bit into the head of the peg ensuring that you insert it totally in the grooves. Place the drill or impact driver in reverse and squeeze the trigger whilst pulling up gently on the guy rope. The peg will auto unscrew from the ground.



How do I install my Caravan Guy Ropes to my Caravan Awning:

The Velcro strap is designed to be positioned towards the uppermost point of your awning arm when the awning is rolled out. The strap should then be tightened firmly around the awning arm and the guy rope/s extended down at an approximate angle of forty degrees to your Ezy Anchors where the awning will be securely anchored against inclement weather.

Warning: The Velcro straps are not designed to be wrapped around your awning barrel and if installed this way they may lead to a failure in severe weather conditions.

When the awning arms are in the vertical or near vertical position it is recommended to have the arms positioned outwardly slightly past centre so as to be at an angle. The guy ropes are again positioned and firmly tightened around the uppermost part of the arm and the guy ropes angled down to the Ezy Anchors at approximately 40 degrees. This ensures minimal slippage can occur in inclement weather.

Warning: Placing the Velcro strap around the awning barrel may in fact place excessive loads beyond the design capacity of the awning barrel circular hollow section axle which is deemed the weakest point of the structure when extended.



How do I tension my Ezy Anchor Rope Gripper Guy Ropes:

When tensioning your guy ropes to your desired tension simply pull the Rope Gripper up along the rope on a slight diagonal, so as the rope is not dragging through the teeth on the gripper and when tensioned simply release and it will automatically grab.



How do I release my Rope Gripper tension:

To release the tension on your guy rope, take hold of the main line and short line at the Rope Gripper. Lift the Rope Gripper at the short line end and pull the main line so as the rope releases from the teeth and slide the Rope Gripper down the main line at a slight diagonal so the teeth do not grab.