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(January 2022)



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Check out the interview with Rob Anderson and what he has to say about our Ezy Anchor products. Absolutely amazing testimonial mate. 



Hey Pete, currently at Kenilworth camp by the river with all the kids. Massive storm last night, tents destroyed everywhere. My daughter and her friends other van hit hard and but we got the awnings in without too much damage. Ours stayed out of course.

Now I did tell them to drop in and say hi at the show..now they know why 😆

So the two guys are now Ezyanchor converts.

(October 2021)



Hi Peter,

I am David Mathieson, Group Leader of Charters Towers Scout Group. Early last year we recieved a donation of a starter pack of Easy Anchors for a raffle at a Caravan Muster. Unfortunately that did not go ahead due to COVID, but I did hold onto them for a special occasion.

On Saturday Night our scout group hosted a dinner for the North Qld Caravan Club and decided this was the best opportunity to raffle your donation.
I am pleased to say we raised just over $300 on the night and the prize was very well sort after, in fact the winner had only just previously bought a pack himself and was delighted with the addition.

Thank you very much for your generosity it has helped with our fundraising in the new year.

I will attach a Photo of the winner, Mr Glen Wolfe of the North Queensland Caravan Club with his prize.

Yours in scouting
David Mathieson
Group Leader
Charters Towers Scout Group
(February 2021)



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Ezy Anchor Featured in What's Up Downunder Magazine

"Sometimes a product comes on the market which is beautiful in its simplicity, and Ezy Anchor fits that description. Ezy Anchor is an easy screw in 'tent peg', but with a huge difference." Continue reading here.





As an early adapter to Ezyanchor we’ve used them extensively over the years in locations from coastal sands of the East Coast to the compact gravel & hard dirts of areas such as the Flinders Ranges, Central Australia, Central QLD/NSW/VIC.
We carry and use 3 sizes.
The smaller 140mm rods are used on CGear mat corner and middle section or around the base of our annexe when used on those longer stops where we like to spread out a bit.

The medium rods are the most used in the hardest grounds, whereas the longest are used in Coastal sand and Ezyanchor come into their own as we’ve certainly experienced very strong winds, our awning remains in place where others using pegs sadly had awnings ripped away.

Using Ezyanchor is extremely simple, whilst we enjoy reduced time in both setting and packing up along with confidence they’re not going to pull out of ground, the reality of not hammering pegs anymore is bliss.

I’ve done many demonstrations to curious onlookers in our travels and you get those that say one can buy a screw from the hardware and some washers & costs lot less.
I agree but let’s look as I explain they aren’t the same. The screw pitch etc and the head but that’s not all that makes up the Ezyanchor.
Handing over a bright orange base one notices it’s sturdy moulded one piece, pointing out the drill angle and the guy rope placement soon realises this is really purpose, brilliantly designed and made.
Put into practice, this is where key time saving factor come in, you can literally place the spring section of guy rope in the loop, hold with one finger and with drill in other hand fasten to the ground in one action. As for the strength, clip onto the awning, pull as much as want on the rope Ezyanchor is solid to the ground the guy rope can’t slip away.
Typical response then is wow where can I buy some?

Reality in overall scheme of things, these are simply the best solution on the market and a great investment.

Pete & Kim Smith



G’day guys! Our 3-month journey around Australia has finished. The EzyAnchor pegs stood the test in the unforgivable Australian environment. We used EzyAnchor with ease in the dirt, red dirt, sand, clay, mud, rocky soil, sun, wind and rain. From the East Coast, Fraser Island, the Red Centre and everywhere in-between, these pegs copped a flogging and stood up to the test whilst caravanning and tenting. Well done on a product that works and is easy to use.



This is a good quality solid product, I used to use the good old tent pegs to secure our awning and had all sorts of problems in the north of WA with the rough and firm soil, on occasions bending the pegs, but EZY Anchors fixed that issue, they are quick and dare I say EZY, they are excellent value.

Liz and Baz


 Jamie's Demonstrating Ezy Anchor

See what Jamie Hazelden of Jamie's Touring Solutions has to say about Ezy Anchor. @jamiesDSS



4WD Addiction Review

"I’ve said goodbye to hammered fingers, sweaty setups and bent tent pegs. After you’ve tried Ezy Anchors, you will wonder how you ever camped without them."

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Ezy Anchor Review by 4WD Addiction



Hi Peter,

I sent a text to you via my mobile on the day I received them and was VERY impressed with the prompt service.

I have used them and had no trouble putting them in and out of the ground. Very easy. And the reason I decided to purchase them was because I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis and had found it very difficult to bang in tent pegs with my metal mallet, even using two hands! ….. AND I used very strong tent pegs with a sharpened edge. Until I suffered from RA, had no trouble getting them into gravelly ground.

Am happy to recommend them to anyone. Soooo easy to use.

Joy, Wonthaggi





We promote EZY Anchors when ever we can…they’re a great product!

K & M, Blackall Qld



Used ours all along the recent Gibb Trip. Great stuff!




Kakadu, Keep River, Kununurra, El Questro, Home Valley Station, Drysdale River Station, Mitchell Plateau, Kalumburu, Victoria River and they never let us down!




From the drought stricken areas of Cunnamulla to Karumba in the gulf the Ezy Anchor is doing a top job.

Shirley and Ross



Packed up our caravan annexe today at Hervey Bay it literally took 2 mins to pull out 13 pegs it was so easy. Best Buy ever, This was our first time using Ezy Anchor We had a few onlookers who were amazed at how easy it was to remove the pegs!






Hammers, pegs, water or whatever its just too easy taking out the drill and screwing in the Ezy Anchors. Thanks for the innovation guys!




We LOVE ours! Ordered a few more last week!






We love ours that we bought in Kilkivan at the Lotus gathering. Great product thank you Peter.




we purchased them because we have had trouble in the past with hard grounds of the Pilbara, Kimberly & NT. These certainly alleviate those issues.




For such critique won’t worry Pete, his years of experience throughout his life on and across this land helped develop creativity & an eye for things. The Ezy Anchor is as those that use them know, incredibly versatile.






Are really great – have been using them for a while and they are the best. Glad to have bought extra! Top product, thanks Peter!




It’s hard as rocks here and they drilled in quicker than the local miners. Had all the camp over checking them out!

Ezy Anchor Customer



Mate great effort at Uluru worked a treat in the red dirt, now at Katherine gorge in the rock even better. Will be ordering more. Bought mine at kilkivan when you were there, thanks again great product.




Workin a treat, used them on our recent Variety bash each night with our tents. So quick and easy We all love ’em Peter!

Ezy Anchor Customer





Always spreading the word for you Peter Taylor…..giving demos or brochures. Everyone is impressed with your product!




Peter Taylor, these Ezy Anchors really are terrific. Thank you, so much easier on arthritic hands. — at 1770 Camping Ground.

Ezy Anchor Customer



18 v drill, we too used the Ezy Anchors on the Gibb River Road, they were fantastic.

Tony and Sue



Bazza just uses his Riobi drill cos of the interchangeable batteries which run the fan as well. We had no issues using the EZY anchors anywhere in the Kimberley.

Liz and Barry



Ordered your Ezyanchors from Perth recently. Must commend you and your Company on the ease and quick delivery of our order. They are my husbands Birthday present, so can’t wait to use them on our next trip away.




Congratulations we love ours and we’ve been telling a lot of caravaners and campers at to how good they are. I even tell people when I do my biscuit round. Congratulations again!


Based on 292 reviews
Caravan Starter Pack
Craig Sargeant

Great product but really let down by the delivery

I haven't had the opportunity to use the adjustable clothesline yet, but it looks as though it'll do the job nicely.

Canvas Tent Peg Bag

Outback Screw - 200mm
Stephen Goostrey

yep they are good

Ezy Anchor - Easy to use

Could not be happier with the Premium Caravan Starter Pack. The ropes attached effortlessly and securely to the awning arm and they held firmly in the ground with the anchors. Easy to screw the pegs in and out with a drill. Money well spent.

Adjustable cord clothesline

We really like this product it’s versatile and fits our needs living on the road full time. We use it not just under our awning but we also use it inside the caravan hanging our clothes while travelling. Compact and light weight we have 2 now. We highly recommend this product. #chasingaustralia

Ezy Anchor

Like all Ezy Anchor gear, it's fantastic. Now that we are traveling permanently on the road it was the perfect top up of gear we needed to go with all our other Ezy Anchor gear. Highly recommend as it's the best solution I've ever used in over 40 years of camping.

I haven’t used the product as yet

Tight Line

A very easy to use clothesline and so compact that we just put it away in the washing machine, ready for the next use, doesn't over tighten the awning arms and pink so I can see it during the day light. My wife loves that it just attaches to the supports so quickly with the velcro and bingo ready for the load to be hung. Working the in the industry I have recommended these to other vanner's upon collection of their vans.

Anchor ropes

Great product highly recommend

Torx T50 Driver
Stuart Elliott

Torx T50 Driver


My outback pegs and cheap battery drill are my best friends when setting up the outside of our caravan.

Outback Pack
Pamela Thompson
Outback pack

Absolutely love Ezy anchors, been using them for a few years. Very happy with my new pack.

Quick and easy.

Such a simple and easy way to hold the caravan awning in place. We couple these double guy ropes with the screw in EzyAnchor tent pegs to be sure that nothing is going anywhere, and so far nothing has.

Versatile and Easy to Setup

The Ezy Anchor is a breeze to setup and I love that I can have a line on my awning when I need it, and stow it away when I don’t. It is so light and easy to setup. I have also used it to rig line between branches as well. Having that versatility is great.

Shockloc™ Strap
Steve Kray

Perfect, unbelievable

Caravan Starter Pack
David Williams
Purchase of EZY Anchor Products

We havn’t had an opportunity to use the guy ropes and anchors yet, it bought them on my Eder brother’s recommendation so I am sure they are fine.
The ordering process was smooth and quickly delivered

Great Service

Received what I order on time no fuss. Highly recommend

Mat Screw - 140mm
Gareth Burton
Great mat pegs

These pegs do the job well.

Love our clothesline

Great clothesline for the caravan, strong, light, actually will be purchasing another one


They work

EZY Anchor Guy Rope

We use Ezy Anchor for our whole van setup, its easy and we love how quickly we can use the products. Highly recommend Ezy Anchor.

Bonus Value Pack Plus
Robert Bradford
Bonus Value Pack

I researched most of the screw type pegs in the Aussie market & I decided to go with the Ezy Anchor. The Tork socket screws & the screw poly rope keeper was clearly the point of difference. Although Ezy Anchor is not the cheapest it is a quality product.

Starter Pack PLUS
Rodd Wyatt
Very Ezy

Love Ezy Anchor been using from when we started caravaning, love the ease of your product. Will use nothing else.

Starter Pack PLUS
James Flakelar

Definitely worth the money and so easy to use