Our Design Story

The Ezy Anchor with a Driver

The Ezy Anchor Design Story

The Ezy Anchor’s unique design has come about after extensive thought and asserting many engineering principles from years of practical experience in the bush and on the beach and through my son’s engineering drafting, practical experience camping and his fitting & machining background.

We have drawn upon each other’s skills and knowledge to deliver to you our customer the safest, strongest and most secure tie down facility available in this day and age with an ease of installation and removal like no other.

The Award Winning Ezy Anchor is a registered and certified design with IP Australia. It is designed so that no matter what weather you are experiencing your guy ropes cannot be released due to the unique shape of our hook and how it rests on the ground when installed properly.

Our screws are also a unique design that has been proven through extensive testing in challenging environments and a thread proven to screw down tight and be secure in firm to hard ground.

Our Ezy Anchor is designed to ensure that your screw is installed at a set angle to give greatest resistance when under load and that it sits flat on the ground when installed correctly thus providing a flat surface for any stress loads to overcome in conjunction with the screw angle before it could ever be removed by windage or storm weather incidents.

The shape of our hook has been designed to ensure that the loads applied by the guy ropes are transferred longitudinally into the Ezy Anchor head and screw for maximum strength.

The screw head is countersunk within the Ezy Anchor for safety against people tripping and injuring themselves, it is self draining and easily accessed with the driver. Sitting above the ground also assists to keep the head of the screw free from sand and grit

All edges are designed with a safe radius, again to prevent personal injury if coming in contact with them with bare skin.

Ezy Anchor has been designed for high visibility to assist in preventing tripping or causing any sort of personal accident or injury. It is also manufactured from Recyclable Plastic to be Environmentally friendly.

All in all Ezy Anchor is Safe, Secure and Strong so that you and your family can enjoy the Great Outdoors without worry of losing your camping assets.